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Childhood is a comic about things children like. Games, comics, sweets and cuddly animals.
But it's also about awful things that happen during childhood, like scary bedtime stories and pets that die.
It's also often about how childhood affects adulthood, our interests and morals.
I guess Childhood is a lot of things.

Original Characters
Name: IK
Job: Author's mascot
Description: A small human/labrador mix, often seen wearing a striped scarf. Her job is to channel the author's misery and to fill in space between parody comics. She claims that she was raised by a tribe of warrior monks but it's much more likely that the author found her as a surprise inside a cereal packet.

Name: Death Note
Description: A story about a boy and his dog shinigami who fight crime kill criminals with the power of a magic notebook magic notebook. It's full of plot twists, questionable morals and owls insane characters with weird eyes. Every sentence is a spoiler, so if you've read it, never tell anyone anything that happens.
Name: Kingdom Hearts
Description: A game about a series of relationship problems suffered by new-age homosexual lovers Sora and Riku. No, really. There's also lots of disney and metaphors, but you can bet eveyone who's ever played it did so either for the Final Fantasy cameos or the TTLY BISHI-BISHI HOT Unoriginalzation Thirteen.

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